Featured Artist: Ninnee

Here’s some more goodness for our wonderful FrameBlasters. Something to get your groove on .. a free tune from the EDM powered Ninnee.

Ninnee is a London based songwriter, producer and DJ of EDM, electronica and electro-indie, currently making waves on the London EDM scene.

Citing influences from luminary artists like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk through to Calvin Harris and Disclosure, Ninnee is a veteran songwriter on a self-confessed quest to discover and create the catchiest, most uplifting music possible within a standard tune length.

Incorporating driving basslines, powerful rhythms and punchy melodies, tunes like the FrameBlast featured ‘Detract from the Truth’ are definitely intended to get your butt out of the seat and onto the dancefloor instead of sitting back and chilling out. 

Also an experienced vocalist, his music often features vocal work such as the recently released ‘Better Things’, a soulful mix of House and Garage with another signature driving bassline and distinctive melody.

Both the FrameBlast featured tune ‘Detract from the Truth’ and his latest release ‘Better Things’ can be purchased on Bandcamp by going to http://ninnee.bandcamp.com or by visiting his website http://www.ninnee.co.uk.

For more information follow Ninnee on Twitter: @ninn_ee
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Featured Artist: Divining Rod

With our latest iOS release, we thought we’d bring you wonderful FrameBlasters a gift. The gift of new music from some amazing artists to help set the soundtrack to your creative goodness! This week we’re featuring an inspiring project from our East Coast friends – Divining Rod.

A veteran of the New York and Baltimore music scenes, Miyuki Furtado
continues to branch out musically with his latest work as psych-drone
explorer, Divining Rod.

The project is starting to make waves with intimate recordings as well
as live performances that crackle with all out feedback drenched

Multi-instrumentalist, Furtado, creates dense sonic collages and loops
combined with his own frenzied drum work and explosive guitar playing.
 His recorded work displays simpler, more rustic sounds steeped in the
60’s British Folk of Sandy Denny, Pentangle and Bert Jansch.  Within
this duality lies the center of Divining Rod’s sound.

The band also features the sublime work of keyboard/hammond organ
virtuoso, Parker Reilly as well as guitarist/saxophonist, Jefrey Brown
of Gospel of Mars, Evolutionary Jass Band and Jackie O’ Motherfucker.

Newer collaborators include Baltimore luminaries guitarist, Rob
Girardi (engineer of benchmark Beach House, Double Dagger, &
Celebration albums), bassist and vocalist Shirlé Hale Koslowski and
guitarist Warren Boes.

A revolving cast of friends that include members past and present of
Dead Sands, VHS or BETA, Amy Lettis, Trail of Dead, Fergus & Geronimo
and Celebration also make occasional live appearances.

Miyuki was also a member of The Rogers Sisters and Midnight Masses and
many other eclectic groups.

Our featured track “The Day It Was Over Before It Began” can be bought for your listening pleasure on Band Camp:

Check out some more Diving Rod at Mobtown Studios: http://www.mobtownstudios.com/projects/divining-rod-bsides/

Twitter: @Divining_Rod

and FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/diviningrod

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You’ve asked for FrameBlast on Android and we’ve heard you! We’ve spent the last few months building and testing in our labs, so you now can download FrameBlast for Android.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the best video creation experience out there. There’s no waiting for previews, you can try out effects instantly, storyboard like a pro, change cut styles and add free music in a flash.

You can craft HD quality films with FrameBlast, which you can treasure for yourself - today and forever - no forced uploads, nor are there any limits on how long or how many videos you can make. As part of the growing FrameBlast community, you can also inspire others by uploading your video to YouTube and sharing them directly in the app - both on Android and iOS.

Let us know what you think and if you need any help - drop us a line at help@frameblast.com

We are constantly amazed and love to watch your short films, video diaries, roadtrips and every other adventure - big and small - from Seoul to Reykjavik, Tokyo to Sau Paulo, Beijing to San Francisco and beyond. Wherever you are, join us and the fabulous community of film lovers, creators and storytellers that make up FrameBlast!

Thanks for all your support helping us develop FrameBlast and sharing the journey with us!

With love from us,

Aaron, Dagmara, Pim and Steve


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We are really excited to share the new version of FrameBlast with you. By popular demand we’ve added a spiffy new filter to complete your Blockbuster video masterpiece.

For fans, we’ve recut our nutty little video with the EPIC BLOCKBUSTER look:

We’d also like to welcome our many new friends in Japan, Korea and Turkey who are using the app after we added a translated interface. We are committed to making the app even easier across the world and this update also has a (simplified) Chinese translation. We are really looking forward to seeing more amazing FrameBlasts’s from all across the world.

Check out some more great video Blast’s and join us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/frameblast

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Music: Might As Well Whistle by Ant Neely


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